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Course Material Ordering (Benchmark Dates)

The following benchmark dates are a guideline, subject to change.


For Fall term                 – May 15th

For Winter term            - October 15th

For Spring/Summer     - March 15th


Best Practices

It is recommended that faculty consult with publisher representatives on a regular basis to obtain up to date information on adopted course materials. 

Some editions are updated more frequently in this new digital age, which may impact the titles being currently used.  In many cases this necessitates a change to a product ISBN.


Digital Course Materials

Digital books fall into two main categories: eTextbooks and courseware.  eTextbooks are typically PDF versions of the text content of a textbook, viewed using a browser-based platform.  Courseware is a more interactive digital product, often including the eText embedded within (each major publisher has a version of this: Wileyplus, Mindtap, MyLab, Connect, etc.).  The latter product can only be accessed using a course ID #, specific to each class, provided by the publisher to the instructor (the instructor then passes this ID along to the students in that class). 

*The Campus Store does not provide the course IDs to students*


Digital Book Delivery (Campus Store)

The Campus Store has partnered with Campus EBookstore (CEI) and Willo Labs to provide digital course materials to students.  These course materials will be made available through our online retail store: https://shop.smu.ca/Course/term?

CEI allows us to offer digital access codes for etextbooks and courseware.

Willo Labs has partnered with the Campus Store and Saint Mary’s to offer integrated digital books through our Learning Management System (LMS), Brightspace.  This is a relatively new platform for us, piloted in summer 2021 and running successfully for multiple courses in Fall 2021 and Winter 2022.  This integration allows students to purchase digital course materials through a link in their Brightspace course page, preserving the anonymity of their data, and without the need for an access code.  Please contact Don Simpkin (don.simpkin@smu.ca, 902-491-6283) for more details.


Physical Textbooks

The university suspended physical textbook sales during the pandemic (summer 2020 through summer 2021).  We resumed partial physical textbook sales in Fall 2021 and have now returned to full sale capacity for physical texts.


Challenges: physical text sales have dropped dramatically over a 10 year period, predating the pandemic but accelerated by online course delivery.  Publishers have responded to this change in different ways, but some have chosen to opt for digital delivery only.  Those publishers that continue offer print textbooks are now having difficulty printing their text due to supply chain and inflationary hurdles.  The default is now the digital book in most cases.  This a fluid situation and changes weekly.  Recommendation: check with the publisher about which versions of your course materials are available prior to placing your order and be prepared to pivot if your physical textbook request may be delayed or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.




                            Click Here for a guide on setting up your Willo course


                                        Publisher Representatives Updated June 5, 2023


Publisher Representative Contact
 Cengage Canada  Christina Rostek  christina.rostek@cengage.com
 McGraw-Hill   Nelson Field  nelson.field@mheducation.com
 Wiley  John Horne  johorne@wiley.com
   Amanda Inglese  ainglese@wiley.com
 Oxford U Press  Stephanie Bolton  stephanie.bolton@oup.com
 MacMillan  Gilaine Waterbury  gilaine.waterbury@macmillan.com
 Pearson  Various  Click Here to Find a Rep 
   Quantitative Business  hailey.degruijter@pearson.com
   Qualitative Disciplines  susan.tiller@pearsoned.com
   Science  kimberly.armstrong@pearson.com
   Humanities, Social Sciences  ewan.french@pearsoned.com
 WW Norton  Jennifer Sutton  jsutton@wwnorton.com
   Lana Webber  lwebber@wwnorton.com
 Sage  Jill Bos  jill.bos@sagepub.com
 Login  Tharsa Chandran  tharsac@lb.ca
 Top Hat   Allessandra Sferrazza  allessandra.sferrazza@tophatmonocle.com
 University of Toronto Press  Elizabeth Smith  esmith@utorontopress.com


                                                                    For other publisher representation, please check the relevant publisher website.